ageModern was founded in 2012 to raise awareness of all the intricacies of caring for an elderly person.

Our Certified Geriatric Care Managers specialize in senior matters and are driven to help you find solutions, at your pace. We know your time is valuable, that's why we present all aspects of care, and only focus on those important to you. 

We also know that caregiving is not easy; in fact is hard. Taking care of you should not be sidelined; we'll help you find the right setting so you can get the best support.

The ageModern team is dedicated to serving all California seniors and family caregivers whose lives have been rocked off balance by the demands of senior caregiving.

Not in California?
Don't worry, ageModern is actively expanding to the rest of the US as you read this.

Why Choose Our Service


It's Free

Free Roadmaps and
provider information


Most Providers

ageModern has the most
complete list of providers



We specialize in housing and
care for seniors



Information provided is
relevant and accurate

Helping Families

ageModern helps families of seniors find housing and care
providers where needed

Professional Providers

Age Modern creats an efficient marketplace by educating consumers
on care and living options so that better
connections are made

Our Team

Ron Blaj founder

Ron Blaj is responsible for strategic vision, operations and overall development of the company.

Ana Blaj founder

Ana Blaj, a Certified Geriatric Care Manager is responsible for strategic partnerships and industry / community outreach.

Brad Martin vp of technology

Brad Martin is responsible for development, operations and overall management of the company's technology division.