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Tell me only what I need to know about my loved one's senior care options."

Your life is out of balance.Senior care is piled on top of your busy schedule.
Your life  has been taken over by caring for an older family member or another loved one. It needs to be done, and you're glad to do it. But you know the other people in your life still need you—all of you, not just the tiny bit of  energy you have left. And you want to feel like yourself again... free of guilt, full of energy after a good night's sleep.
You struggle with what to do. Should you arrange for someone else to take over your senior care duties? Is it right for your loved one if you help her find an assisted living facility or retirement community? If you're like many family caregivers, you're torn and uncertain.
Even if arranging senior care is the right choice, you don't know where to start. One thing is for sure: you don't have time to wade through dozens of books, articles, and websites that may not tell you what you need to know.
For years we've worked with people struggling with this issue—elder care has been our family's profession for generations. We created ageModern to simplify the senior care process for you. This website has been designed to tell you personally what you need to know... no more and more less.
I need a senior care roadmap
We specialize in creating step-by-step senior care roadmaps customized to each person who visits our website. You'll answer a series of questions (mostly multiple choice) to show us what you need to know, and your roadmap will lead you step by step through the process of arranging the best elder care possible for your loved one.
See a sample senior care roadmap
A little time spent now can restore priceless balance to the rest of your life. Your personalized senior care roadmap is absolutely free, with no strings attached. It will include:

Legal elder care documents: Find out what legal paperwork you should have in place from the start, and how to get it

Budgeting for senior care: How long will your money last at an assisted living facility? At other types of elder care communities? Find out here.

Senior care insurance: Does Medicare cover aging at home? We'll answer this and other insurance questions.
Elder care living options: What senior care living options are available these days, and how much do they cost? We'll tell you. 
Medical conditions and elder care: How does your loved one's medical diagnosis or physical condition affect her senior living options? We'll fill you in.
Senior care moving checklist: Make moving into an elder care facility easier on all involved by finding out what to get out of the way before the big day.
Resources for elder care at home: How to arrange for food delivery, who to call to make a home senior-friendly, which medical providers to put on speed dial, and more.
Family caregiver support: Take care of yourself while taking care of your loved one! We'll help you connect to others who understand your situation firsthand.
We've done the legwork for you
Don't want to spend weeks researching the most suitable types of elder care facilities, locating contact information for the right kinds of medical practices, and identifying what legal paperwork and insurance you may need—only to discover you've barely gotten your feet wet? We can't blame you!
You're in exactly the right place. It's all been done for you already, down to your loved one's precise location, budget, and needs.
Behind age Modern
ageModern was founded by a husband-and-wife team that comes from families who have been in the senior care profession for more than 25 years.
Their firsthand experience, paired with the tears and triumphs they've shared with families over the years, inspired them to create ageModern. The ageModern team is dedicated to serving all California seniors and family caregivers whose lives have been rocked off balance by the demands of senior caregiving.
(Not in California? Don't worry, ageModern is actively expanding to the rest of the US as you read this.)
We'll walk you through your senior care options, free of charge
We're here to help you restore balance to your life by guiding you through the senior care process... for free, and without requiring you to trade away your privacy to find out what you need to know. (Some—though not all—of the senior care providers we include on this website and in our roadmaps provide the funds to ageModern that allow us to offer detailed, helpful senior care information free of charge to you and other family caregivers. Because of this, we do genuinely appreciate you encouraging any senior care providers you know to partner with us!)
Our carefully designed process is unbiased: our Care Connector™ algorithm matches your senior care needs with the best known care options, and we actively stay abreast of developments in elder care so we can give you the very latest information. We've written down what we've found to be most true during our years in the senior care industry for you, and our members write honest, candid reviews of the senior care providers we recommend.

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